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Community Impact

One Boston Day is an opportunity for businesses and organizations to display their humanity and bring neighbors together. Here are a few ways the Boston business and non-profit communities got involved:

From April 8th-15th, the Martin Richard Foundation will be holding a collection drive of items to create “Emergency Hero Kits” for children who enter DCF foster care, in partnership with the Wonderfund.

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City Involvement

Since its founding, Boston has served as a beacon of hope and strength for the rest of the world. On One Boston Day, we show the world that Boston’s flame burns as bright as ever.

Learn more about what One Boston Day means to our city: 

Mayor Marty Walsh announces One Boston Day

We encourage you to share how your organization participates in One Boston Day.

City of Boston representatives may contact you in regard to using your organization’s activity or event to help promote One Boston Day. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential. 

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